Here's what you can expect on your food tour


What types of foods are served on the tour?
We will stop at 6-7 restaurants during the tour. Given the diversity of the people, the cultures and food in Doha you will be able to experience cuisines from many countries potentially including: Qatar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Lebanon, Turkey etc. Food-tasting locations vary and may change without notice.


How much food is served on the tour?
You will be served small meals or samples and will be more than satisfied with portions and quantities...remember to pace yourself. 


What if I have dietary restrictions?
Please let us know if anyone in your group has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, etc). We can try to accommodate your needs. If we do not find out about the special needs until the time of the tour, it is usually not possible for us to appropriately adjust the food.


Are there any beverages served on the tour?
Water is unlimited and available. Most tours start with Qatari tea. 


Do we drive around and sample food?
At Doha Food Tours we enjoy food at a number of restaurants throughout each tour in the form of either specially plated dishes or family style meals, depending on the type of food at each restaurant. We have been known to make random fun stops for photo opportunities and cultural experiences.


Are bathrooms available during the tour?
Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour at all restaurants. 


Does the tour leader accept gratuities?
Gratuities are not mandatory, but always appreciated and are not included in the tour price.


Where does the tour start and finish?
The tour generally begins with us picking you up from your accommodations and finishes with us returning you home safe and satisfied.


Are cameras allowed on the tour?
Yes. Cameras are allowed during the tour. We strongly encourage participants to take photos throughout the tour. We just ask that you please be respectful of the local culture.


Will we see/experience the culture of Doha?
While this is not a cultural tour we find that one of the best ways to experience a culture is through trying new and local food. 


What should we wear on the tour? 
We encourage guests to wear loose and comfortable clothes.  Please do be mindful of local custom, women should not wear any revealing or tight fitting clothes. 


 Is the food safe to eat? 
Yes!! The food is prepared hygienically and we have taken all of our guests to all of the locations without any concerns at all.


Is driving safe in Doha?
Hashim, who will drive us on the tour, is an extremely safe and experienced driver. We adhere to strict safety standards throughout the tour (e.g.: speed limits, no use of mobile phones). 


Can the tour be tailored to try certain foods?
Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests and we will do our very best to exceed all your expectations.